As the industry’s national association, ASA is in a unique position to influence building and product codes, federal and state regulatory issues, as well as legislation as it emerges. Through our advocacy program we work hard to educate elected leaders and policy officials on the issues that our members face. In addition, we work to support those elected leaders and candidates for office who see the value of our industry. While one person can have an impact, together, speaking and acting with one voice, we can be a powerful force for success.


Upcoming visits

In the coming months, ASA will be on the Hill visiting with our legislative leaders, discussing issues important to our members. Planned visits include:

  • Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) who serves as the chair of the Senate HELP Committee to talk about workforce development and community college job training programs that lead to industry credentials.

  • Congressman Steve Cohen (D-TN) to discuss the proposed DRIVE SAFE Act, which if adopted, could lead to an increased pool of qualified truck drivers in the workforce.

  • Congressman Ron Estes (R-KS), chair of the Ways and Means Committee, with the goal of educating the congressman and his staff on ASA’s position on LIFO and why the tax concept is important to our members.

While ASA is the recognized voice for the PHCP & PVF industry in our nation’s capital, it is the voice of our members that carries the greatest influence wherever policy is made. ASA works to lead members in meeting with their elected officials either through personal visits with their elected leaders or through joint meetings with other industry professionals through formal Advocacy fly-ins and meetings. We work closely with members to arrange meetings with their elected leaders either in Washington or by inviting them to visit member companies back home. We engage the industry by working with allied industry groups to facilitate meetings in Washington and engage them to advocate for the industry.


Engage representatives

ASA looks to its members to engage with their elected representatives by contacting them directly on important legislative activity. Examples of how ASA members directly engage in the process are:

  • Grassroots Campaigns. ASA looks to its members to directly contact their elected representatives on proposed legislation and regulations that impact our industry. As an example, ASA members are in favor of the DRIVE SAFE Act which, if adopted, would increase the available pool of qualified truck drivers.

  • ASA Member Visits to the Hill. ASA member companies are encouraged to contact the Advocacy team to arrange for one-day visits to D.C. The team will set up meetings with the company member’s senators, district representative and their staff to discuss topics specific to the ASA member company. The ASA Advocacy team will also arrange for visits to the offices of committee chairs whose committees impact the specific issues the member is facing, or visits with regulatory agency representatives. This is an exciting opportunity for an ASA member’s senior team to visit D.C., and have important one-on-one conversations with key legislators.

  • ASA Fly-Ins. On a larger scale, ASA provides opportunities for ASA members to come together and visit the Hill to discuss important industry issues with elected officials. This year, NETWORK19 is being held in Washington, D.C., from Sept. 25-27. On the morning of Sept. 25, those individuals who preregister will be placed on teams based on geographical location and will participate in three meetings – two meetings on the Senate side and one meeting on the House side. ASA will provide instructions on what to expect during the visits and the issues to be discussed via a webinar prior to Sept. 25, and will also provide further instruction at the breakfast being held at 7:30 a.m., on the morning of Sept. 25. Remember, you must preregister for this event, registrations will not be taken onsite.

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