U.S. Boiler Co. introduces a new thermoplastic-lined indirect-fired water heater for residential and light-commercial applications. The new Alliance LT is a corrosion-resistant tank designed to provide outstanding thermal performance, U.S. Boiler notes. The tank is light, offering ease of transport and installation, but has a faster recovery rate than competing electric, gas or oil-fired water heaters, the company states. The unit is an ideal solution for any application where water quality, hardness, softness or chlorides could otherwise be an issue, U.S. Boiler notes. By utilizing a proprietary double-bonded thermoplastic tank liner, the Alliance LT can withstand even the most aggressive water conditions without the use of an anode rod. The unit is available in five sizes from 30 to 119 gal.

U.S. Boiler Co. www.usboiler.net