Lochinvar announced the introduction of the Reverse Indirect Water Heater to its expanding family of water heating solutions. This unit is currently available in a 125-gallon capacity for a variety of applications, both residential and commercial.

Providing up to 30 GPM of continuous hot water delivery, the Reverse Indirect Water Heater is designed for multi-family, commercial and large residential water heating applications using a hydronic system. The generous hot water supply allows for an extremely dependable hot water source, Lochinvar notes. The Reverse Indirect Water Heater is available in ASME and Non-ASME construction, and comes standard with a 10-year limited warranty. It also features a 316L stainless-steel coil, a jacketed and insulated steel tank, and 2” HCFC foam insulation.

“For decades, Lochinvar has been dedicated to not only cutting-edge product innovation, but also superior durability and flexibility, offering long-lasting, quality systems for a variety of applications,” said Jeff Vallett II, segment market manager for Lochinvar. “The top performance and dependability offered by the Reverse Indirect Water Heater is an excellent example of the Lochinvar experience our customers have come to expect, and should expect for years to come.”