ASA is committed to be the voice of its members and the industry in the development and revisions to codes and standards. I have the honor of representing ASA throughout the year at various meetings and the following highlights recent activities in the standards and codes area impacting the plumbing and industrial piping system marketplaces:


Uniform Plumbing Code (IAPMO)

The UPC is going through a revision cycle for the 2021 version of the model code. ASA has been actively involved in the process through submittal of revision proposals and taking positions on a number of other proposals submitted. The proposed changes were recently discussed at the IAPMO Annual Membership Consideration meeting held in Philadelphia. The membership supported the UPC Technical Committee’s position to reject:

  • A proposed new definition for “expansion tank.”
  • A proposal to delete the following text from the model code related to trenchless methodology: “Cast-iron soil pipes and fittings shall not be repaired or replaced by using this method aboveground or below ground.”

The membership voted against the Technical Committee and supported the deletion of the following text from Appendix L – Green Plumbing Code Supplement, Item L 501.2 Insulation: “Building cavities shall be large enough to accommodate the combined diameter of the pipe, the insulation, and other objects in the cavity that the piping shall cross. Pipe supports shall be installed on the outside of the pipe insulation.”

Public comments are now being received on the results of the Technical Committee’s decisions and need to be submitted by Jan. 3, 2019.


International Code Council International Plumbing Code and Mechanical Code

The ICC has its IPC and IMC model codes out for revision for the 2021 versions. The IPC and UMC technical committees have reviewed the proposals submitted and made their determination on approving or rejecting the proposals. At the time this article was written, there were public hearings scheduled in Richmond, Virginia, starting on Wednesday, Oct. 24, and going through Monday, Oct. 29, and I was scheduled to be at those meetings representing ASA.


Proposed New Standard NSF-444, Prevention of Disease and Injury Associated with Building Water Systems

The NSF Joint Committee on Prevention of Injury and Disease Associated with Building Water Systems is working on a new standard, NSF 444 - Prevention of Disease and Injury Associated with Building Water Systems. ASA recently participated in a meeting of the Joint Committee. Due to some perceived conflict of interests NSF may have related to providing consulting services directly related to the scope of NSF 444, NSF is considering the potential of delegating the facilitation of the standard development to another standards developer; a decision should be made by the end of this year. In the meantime, the committee is working on the proposed standard.

ASA is committed to keeping our membership informed on all standards and codes activities having a potential impact on the markets our members serve. To find out more about the development projects noted in this article and other activities, visit