Matco-Norca introduces a new line of lead-free brass cold-expansion PEX fittings with 12 product categories, comprising more than 50 individual products. For use in hot and cold potable water-distribution systems, these products are compliant with the SWDA, NSF 61 and CSA B137.5, and have been manufactured and tested in accordance with ASTM F1960 and F877. Matco-Norca’s brass PEX cold-expansion fittings have a maximum working pressure of 180° F at 100 psi. Product categories include: PEX drop-ear elbows, couplings, adapters, elbows, sweat X PEX elbows, PEX X IP elbows, male sweat PEX elbows, PEX X IP adapters, male sweat X F1960 PEX adapters, brass PEX plugs, PEX reducing tees and PEX tees.