ASA University is excited to announce its newest addition to its expanding catalog of training, Essentials of Leadership for Wholesaler-Distributors. This online course experience is comprised of five modules, each focusing specifically on an area of leadership expertise.

As the PHCP/PVF industry marches closer to the horizon of the workforce gap dilemma, solid leadership principles and strategies for managing a productive team are ever more needful in order to shape the future of the industry and its talent. Effective leaders and managers must constantly engage in fine-tuning their strategic leadership skill set in order to be the most effective leader possible.


In-depth modules

Essentials of Leadership for Wholesaler-Distributors tackles this challenge by providing five in-depth modules that cover team alignment, continuous coaching, localized strategic planning, manpower planning and finally, performance reviews. As the industry begins to usher in a new generation of workers, this comprehensive course serves as an outline for the planning and development of a profitable team.

Each individual section tackles a specific skill set that will ultimately ensure the success of the functional manager in evolving their team to the next level of profitability and performance. The course provides a comprehensive toolkit for success in leading a high-performing team with detailed how-to descriptions of localizing and applying a company’s broader strategic plan into actionable strategies that yield positive results in day-to-day business.

Learn what fuels employee engagement by identifying, communicating and implementing a continuous improvement process designed to reward accountability and ownership by employees. Discover strategies designed to help attract new talent to your business while simultaneously assessing and filling manpower gaps along the way. Dive deeper into the mechanics of employee performance benchmarks to ensure the team is consistently “hitting the mark” and aligning with strategic initiatives in order to enhance profitability.

The concept of employee feedback and performance reviews also are examined, touching on the pros and cons of the traditional annual feedback model. Learn how to instill the value of accountability amongst your team members by rewarding a culture of ownership and problem-solving. Find out how to motivate your star performers to even greater heights with “power challenges.” Essentials of Leadership for Wholesaler-Distributors provides the opportunity to explore the formal and informal review processes in a new light, connecting your team’s purpose, guiding ideas and overall strategy to your bottom-line profitability.

Several self-reflection exercises enable the learner to reflect on their current leadership aptitude and help identify areas for improvement. Several short vignettes drive home the real-life application of these leadership skills and challenge the user to apply what they’ve learned during the course. Course enrollees can demonstrate their mastery of the content by completing a short post-module assessment after each section. A certificate of completion is provided to each learner who successfully completes all modules.

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