Redi Your Way shower pans by Tile Redi are made to fit customers’ exact specifications — and will ship them within 10 business days of receiving customer-signed specs and payment.

Custom models are built to any specifications and dimensions. Customers can select drain styles and location; cutouts; and height, number and placement of curbs and entrances. Highly engineered Redi Your Way solutions provide numerous benefits to contractors, building professionals and homeowners:

  • One-piece, leak-proof shower pans that require no additional waterproofing.
  • Lightweight makes for easier handling by installers.
  • Can typically be installed by one person in just 15 to 30 minutes. When showers have been pre-framed on large projects, installers are typically able to finish 10 or more in one workday.
  • Tile can be directly set onto their surfaces, simplifying installation and significantly reducing time and labor.
  • Fully integrated drains, curbs/entrances and splash walls.
  • Compliant with all building codes.
  • Require only an inspection for the drain connection to the waste water plumbing.

Three models of Redi Your Way custom shower pans are currently available, designed to meet a wide range of design aesthetics:

  • Redi Your Way Base — The industry standard for one-piece directly tiled shower pans.
  • Redi Your Way Trench — Integrated linear trench with choice of tileable or designer linear grate tops.
  • Redi Your Way Invisible Drain — Square tileable drain top makes the drain invisible; all that can be seen is the beautiful tiled shower floor.

In addition, Redi Free designs are available for each Redi Your Way model, providing barrier-free, accessible entrances.

The company also provides a vast inventory of standard-sized shower pan brands — Redi Trench, Wonder Drain, Redi Base or Redi Free.