Reading, Pa.-based industrial PVF distributor Yeager Supply is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. “Ed Yeager (founder) and family wish to express our sincere appreciation to our employees and retirees for their loyal support as we celebrate our 50th year in business,” the company wrote on its website.

Yeager, a member of ASA and the AD buying group, started with one location, seven employees “and a little Ford F100 pickup truck teetering lopsided down the road,” the company’s 50th anniversary celebration note continued. “We certainly have come a long way. We could not have come this far without the loyal support and continued hard work of each member of the Yeager team — past and present.”

Today, Yeager features four locations, 108 employees and 18 trucks.

“AD is very pleased to recognize and salute longtime member Yeager Supply on its 50th anniversary,” AD PVF and PHCP Divisions Vice President Gary Jackson said. “With Ed Yeager’s leadership and through the actions of the entire Yeager team, they are known as a well-respected supplier partner to their customers as well as a strong advocate for the manufacturers and brands they support. Their commitment to customer service and strong supplier relationships has helped them be a great example of how an independent distributor can be successful in today’s PVF markets.”

AD PHCP President Jeffrey Beall added: “Mr. Yeager is a true American success story and an icon in the PVF world. In 50 years he has seen it all and continues to grow from those humble beginnings.”