The overwhelming theme at this year’s Winter Leadership Meeting was a call to get more involved. Specifically, with ASA’s advocacy goals of increasing engagement, influencing public policy and improving the business environment in our communities.

Congress has finally pivoted away from the president’s first 100 days, confirmed his cabinet and gotten down to the business of legislating. Already, the House has taking serious steps to overhauling health care, with stumbles occurring right out of the gate. Conservatives in the House and across the country are crying foul, charging the legislation as “Obamacare-Lite,” so it remains to be seen how this will shape out. Unsurprising, as large and complicated as it is, it’s legislation that must go through three committees, because it is law that’s enforced by three agencies.

None of this can or should take place in a vacuum. The opportunities to shape this legislation as it’s written are numerous and surprisingly rather simple. Through ASA’s webpage, you and more importantly your employees can contact your elected officials with the simple push of a button. We have prepared pre-written, pre-addressed and pre-formatted letters that enable you to express your opinion and stand up for your company and your industry.

Meet with your legislature in person! Whether it be on your home turf or theirs, never forget that you’re at the tip of the spear in this economy and represent thousands of stakeholders that’ll be impacted by their decisions. ASA will be hosting its annual Legislative Fly-in on June 13-14 and invites you to come and use your voice. In addition to Washington’s impact, ASA has also increased its participating in California policy-making and will be hosting its event on May 31–June 1.

Finally, we’ve made tremendous strides and have set big expectations for ASA’s Political Action Committee, ASA PAC. Gone are the days of printing, faxing and submitting checks. We’re pleased to be able to offer not only online contributions, but to keep us FEC compliant, online authorization forms. Never forget, that ASA PAC is the only political action committee speaking for PHCP-PVF distributors and manufacturers. There is nobody else in Washington speaking for you like ASA PAC. Your understanding of the issues and experience in this industry can help guide decision-makers on Capitol Hill. But no matter how strong, one voice is often overpowered by the multitude of competing priorities in Washington. ASA PAC allows you to join with hundreds of others in the PHCP-PVF industry to speak with a united voice.

Should ASA sit idly by and allow major influencers like the Chamber of Commerce speak for us? Or should we step up and effect change for ourselves? Don’t delay, join us today!


2016 Key accomplishments

  • Added ASA leadership in codes and standards arena.
  • Became a voting member on IAPMO WeStand Water Efficiency Standard; NFPA 54 National Fuel Gas Code; NFPA 58 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code; ACCA Codes Committee and ASHRAE Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality.
  • Engaged in key state-level advocacy with launch of first ASA Sacramento Day.
  • Continued to lead the industry by facilitating buying group AD’s Washington, D.C. congressional visits.
  • Led industry stakeholders into White House meeting to scale back the burdensome and controversial overtime regulations.
  • Held numerous webinars and alerted members to the ongoing rush of regulations in the final days of the Obama Administration.
  • Contacted 40,000 guidance counselors, monthly, about career opportunities that exist in the PHCP and PVF industry.
  • Expanded ASA-U Advisory Service and Master of Distribution Management Program.
  • Launched new Fire Protection Systems course in partnership with ASPE.
  • Added new manufacturer product- specific content to ASA-U Online.
  • Updated Essentials courses for warehouse and showroom personnel.

Expanded training library to include 12 new courses on teamwork, selling essentials, conflict management, ethics and more.