Mechanical Supply Co., with headquarters in Matthews, N.C., is completing its first year as the center of The Macomb Group’s Southeastern regional expansion.

The newest members of the team are feeling a sense of accomplishment, but they aren’t resting for too long.The transaction enabled The Macomb Group to extend its service to the southeast marketplace as well as support out-of-state contractors looking to expand their areas of business activity, Mechanical Supply explains.

Taking three branches, more than 50 employees, hundreds of customers and millions of dollars of inventory and integrating all of it with a larger industrial PVF distributor while continuing to uphold the first priority of superior customer service — is no walk in the park, the company adds. The transition to a much larger platform with access to inventory at 16 additional locations across five more states and the resources afforded by a large parent company has produced many dividends, Mechanical Supply says.

The effort was led by a regional management team comprised of David Lefko, Herb Towery and Lee Kiser

“Of course it came with significant effort on the part of our dedicated employees,” says Lefko, regional branch manager, “and while there was a lot of apprehension as to exactly what this new union would bring, it’s clear that as we look at everything we’ve accomplished in a relatively short timeframe, there’s genuine enthusiasm about what we can achieve as a member of The Macomb Group.”

As the 11th largest industrial PVF supplier according to the 2016 Supply House Times Premier 150 distributor rankings, The Macomb Group has made significant investments in its newest region, Mechanical Supply notes.

“On that front, the leadership team in North Carolina and our corporate office has been working hard behind the scenes for several months now to identify a 100,000-plus-square-foot facility or a site that can accommodate a facility of this size,” notes Towery, regional sales manager. “This type of investment will help us function more efficiently as a regional hub from which we can support customers all over the Carolinas as well as enables us to expand further into Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia.”

Kiser, the regional corporate quotations manager, observes, “We’ve been fortunate to attract some new members to our team and while our total headcount has grown since the transaction closed last January, we’re still in the market for new hires. We’re also having conversations about potential acquisitions which will expand our reach even further.”

With the scale and resources necessary to support its customers, as well as new end-market expertise brought on by recent hires, The Macomb Group’s team in North Carolina has set their eyes on the future.

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