It has been an extremely exciting year for the American Supply Association.

For the fifth year in a row, we’ve experienced net growth in membership and our financial position. Our national association has never been stronger.

More importantly, the value of being an ASA member has never been stronger. Based on the recent membership satisfaction survey, 100% of our members have told us they believe ASA has gotten stronger. Eighty-five percent view ASA University and our educational programs as the top value for belonging. And ASA’s advocacy, business-intelligence and networking programs rank nearly as high. Based on your feedback, I’d say that the value of being a member has never been greater.

While the value of being a member is stronger than ever, our volunteer leaders and staff continue to seek ways to strengthen the association’s influence throughout the industry. This year, ASA expanded its advocacy role into the codes and standards arena by creating a formal committee and adding a specialist to our national staff (Hugo Aguilar, P.E.) to guide this effort and be the leading voice of the distributors and manufacturers in this critical function. Today, ASA members have direct access to information and education on how changes in this arena will impact their businesses.

ASA also has deepened our work toward recruiting the next generation of labor for our industry. This past September, we launched a yearlong campaign reaching out to more than 40,000 career guidance counselors to educate students about the great career opportunities that exist in our industry. Faced with the need to replace an aging workforce, I believe we have taken a major step toward a long-term solution that will address our projected workforce shortages.

And the ASA brand continues to grow as we market beyond our industry to the customers of our products through marketing tools such as the Plumbing Business Outlook and PVF Outlook eNewsletters. These tools as well as other outreach efforts are part of our strategic plan for end-user customers to recognize ASA members as the industry’s suppliers of choice.

As I reflect back on my time in the leadership of the ASA, I am struck by the strength of character of each volunteer with whom I have served. I can truly say our association has been blessed with an abundance of visionary professionals who have guided our mission.

Most of all, I am confident the insightful leaders who will continue to steer our association in the coming years will bring us to even greater heights. It’s never been a more perfect time to be an ASA member.


This article was originally titled “Advancing your ability” in the December 2016 print edition of Supply House Times.