Bradley Corp.’s industry partnership with the American Supply Association has raised $55,665 for Operation Rise and Conquer, a nonprofit organization that provides opportunities to wounded veterans to experience a variety of inspiring and empowering adventures in the Colorado Rockies.

This summer Bradley joined with ASA and its Young Executives Division in achieving a campaign goal of raising $100,000 for Operation Rise and Conquer. During the campaign, held June 1 to Aug. 31, Bradley tracked sales to ASA members, and 0.5% of every dollar of tracked sales was donated to ORC to help reach ASA’s and the Young Executives’ goal and to support ORC activities.

“Bradley is proud to play a part in achieving ASA’s goal and is appreciative of all the ASA members who joined us in support of Operation Rise and Conquer,” Bradley Plumbing Group Vice President of Sales Christopher Mullett said. “We couldn’t have achieved our goal without their involvement.”

Bradley will present its contribution to ASA and ORC representatives at Network2015 in Chicago later this month.