It’s no secret that Kohler is committed to the goal of advancing the plumbing industry. We recognize the American Supply Association as a critical partner in achieving that goal. ASA gives us year-round exposure to an ever-growing membership while providing ample opportunities to network with and
learn from others in our industry.


Impact of technology

One area of industry impact ASA values as much as Kohler does is technology. We think technology will have the largest impact on our industry in the coming years in all aspects such as manufacturing, products, design, visualization, communication and customer interaction. In all this, one cannot lose sight of the fact great design is all about the consumer experience – the use of technology must enhance the consumer experience during the building process and in the enjoyment of the living space once it’s completed. Technology should be a great enabler and not an end in itself. This coincides with another important perspective that the world will not lose touch with craft, real materials, textures, and colors that create emotion and authenticity. Finally, sustainable design and environmentally friendly products will be the norm of how all businesses operate and not merely
a trend.


Kohler’s mission

At Kohler, our mission is “to raise the level of gracious living for every person who experiences our products and services.” To help us build and manage these goals, we employ three important Guiding Principles which we feel will propel us toward continued success.

The first— to live on the leading edge of design and technology in product and process. We have a strong aversion to copying anything. For us it is important to lead the market as opposed to copying and filling it with clutter.

Secondly, we maintain a single level of quality across all of our product categories from toilets and bathtubs to engines and generators to tables and sofas to hotel rooms and golf courses. Our products and services differ in materials, in function and in detail, but not in quality. The extent that we are able to do this has a major impact on our reputation and our brand.

Thirdly, 90% of the after-tax profits we earn are re-invested in the company. We do this because we believe in the people we employ and the products and services we produce, and support fully the continued development and innovation that stems from the combination of these crucial elements of our company.


Staying competitive

This mission and these principles, applied consistently wherever in the world we invest, have led to the extraordinary growth we have experienced over the global growth. Networking, educational programs, seminars and many more tools provided by ASA help us to stay competitive.


Working together

ASA is an important resource for us to stay on the pulse of economic social and political trends affecting our business. It is an incalculable value for Kohler and other companies in our industry to have ASA as a partner in dealing with industry issues such as water usage, water shortages, codes and standards. We must work together to ensure lawmakers have perspective on the transition it takes companies to switch over production process to meet new guidelines.