Wolseley Industrial Canada recently announced the sale of its Engineered Pipe Group to Emco Corp.

With the purchase, Emco acquires Wolseley Industrial’s high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe, fittings and flanges, and fabricated vessels business, and welcomes all EPG employees. Wolseley retains the remainder of its industrial business, which includes industrial valves, specific application valves, valve actuation, and pipe, flange and fitting products.

“The sale of our EPG business to Emco is a good move for both companies,” said Bryn Murray, vice president, Wolseley Industrial Canada. “Given the long-term goals of each company and Emco’s desire to grow its HDPE business, the transaction is beneficial for both parties and for EPG employees.”

Kevin O’Reilly, vice president and general manager of Westlund, Emco’s industrial division, added: “This acquisition adds a considerable knowledge base to our company and opens new opportunities for us to serve more customers nationwide. We welcome the new teammates to our family and look forward to building on their proud history and co-inventing an exciting future in growing our HDPE business in Canada together.”