Spirit of Innovation Award

As you drive south on Interstate 65 leaving Indiana and entering Louisville, immediately to your right is Louisville Slugger Stadium. A two-story-high message on the outside stadium wall reads “Louisville. It’s Possible Here.”

As we enter 2014, this is a great reminder that “It” is possible. Throughout the PHCP and PVF industry, there are leaders at all levels of the organization that have their own version of this two-story-high message that says “It’s Possible.”


Innovation, optimism and the future

In a similar light, innovation is about the future — the act of improving things to make things better. In fact, I believe there is no innovation without optimism. This is why I’m thrilled that UnleashWD has partnered with ASA to bring the Unleashing the Spirit of Innovation Award to the industry. The Unleashing the Spirit of Innovation Award will recognize innovators who are breaking through challenges and seizing opportunities as they create a new, brighter and stronger future.

As I recently spoke to a distribution CEO about the confluence of megatrends impacting the industry, he told me it is important to dream the dream again. For many of us, the dream has never faded. I am hopeful the Unleashing the Spirit of Innovation Award brings to the forefront of our conversation the optimism and innovative solutions that are being developed everyday throughout our industry.


Check out all the details for the Unleashing the Spirit of Innovation Award at www.unleashwdinnovationaward.com. Submissions are due by June 15. We’ll be recognizing the innovators and optimists among us during NetworkASA 2014 at the Bellagio in Las Vegas in September as well as in the pages of Supply House Times and during the October UnleashWD Summit. Being an optimist and innovator, I suspect you’ll want to take part.


Author bio: Dirk Beveridge is the founder of UnleashWD and president of 4th Generation Systems.