Wayne-Pa.-based Affiliated Distributors recently reported record sales in 2013 of $28 billion.  

AD’s members across all of the buying group’s divisions grew 4% in 2013. By division, AD member sales grew as follows: Electrical up 3.5%; Industrial up 2%; Plumbing/PVF up 4%; HVAC up 10%; and Building Materials up 20%.

Member growth with AD’s supplier partners was more than double AD member total purchase growth. Net distributions to AD members grew 13%.   

AD members hired 1,618 new employees, opened more than 100 new locations and made 37 acquisitions.

“I’m really proud of the growth and performance of our market-leading independents and supplier partners,” stated Bill Weisberg, AD’s chairman & CEO. “2013 was the 26th year out of the last 30 where AD members achieved double-digit growth with AD suppliers. Our team is laser-focused on our mission and is bullish about 2014.”