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For decades, ASA’s Y.E. Division has hosted its Spring Forum to connect the people who represent the next generation of principals and owners for our industry’s wholesalers, manufacturers and independent manufacturers representatives. More recently, the current program has enjoyed a resurgence as our industry’s “can’t miss” opportunity for emerging leaders.

“Time and again,” ASA Y.E. Chairman Jeff Worly(Worly Plumbing Supply) says, “the most valuable benefits from this program are the concepts and ideas learned from industry experts and time spent openly sharing experiences and lessons learned with industry peers who represent different channel partners from across the country.”

Past participants, including industry veterans such as Joel Becker, Bill Bergamini, Breck Cayce, Joe Holley, A.J. Maloney, Charlie Moorhead, Jeff New, Dottie Ramseyand Alan Shapiro, frequently say ongoing learning and education enhanced by relationships forged at industry programs like this have been absolutely key to both their personal successes and their companies’ profitability.

Davis & Warshow’s David Finkelis the current Y.E. vice chairman. “The Spring Forum is the best opportunity for future leaders to learn new concepts and skills, cultivate profitable relationships with channel partners from across the country and build the tremendous camaraderie that is so much a part of the foundation for the PHCP and PVF industry.”

This year’s program focuses on effective negotiation strategies and skills for industrial distribution and will feature speaker Mitch Harper, who retired from active work at age 37 after founding, building and later selling successful distributorships in the medical gas industry.

Be sure to register by April 19, 2013. Visit the Industry Calendar at to download the complete information and registration brochure.  


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