What did we do without cell phones and the Internet? That thought crossed my mind New Year’s Eve night while out to dinner with family. I observed a gentleman to my left perpetually engrossed in his smartphone despite a female companion and another couple seated with him at the table.

Equally amusing was the fellow in front of me. All I could see was a bright white light radiating off his eyeglasses. The angle I was sitting at prevented me from seeing the rest of his body, but those glasses told the whole story.

While those folks certainly won’t win any manners awards, their actions hammer home the point that the digital/mobile age is here to stay. People want information and they want it quickly and made available to them on multiple platforms.

Supply House Times is cognizant of that. In recent times we’ve augmented our award-winning monthly print edition with a digital version, three market-specific eNewsletters covering radiant and hydronics, bath and kitchen, and industrial PVF, as well as increased social media presences on Facebook and Twitter.

In early January we took things a step further with the launch of our new and improved information-packed website at www.supplyht.com. The new site is the product of months-long collaboration between Supply House Times staff and the talented online development department at parent company BNP Media.

Our goal with the new website is to better deliver the information you need to help you succeed in your business. Upon visiting the site, you’ll immediately notice a more vibrant and eye-catching look and a greater emphasis on photo presentation. Specific market categories are easier to locate and our comprehensive site search engine is more prominently displayed, giving you quick access to past content.

We’ve made it easier to locate your favorite Supply House Times columnists, whether it’s Dan Holohan (Hydronics Talk), Hank Darlington (Showroom Strategies), Jim Wheeler (The Air Side) or our latest addition, Morris Beschloss and his Beschloss Perspective. In the near future, we’ll be rolling out a website specifically dedicated to Morrie’s long-running Beschloss Perspective newsletter.

Rick Johnson recently rejoined the columnist roster and will continue to provide advice for the management side of our business, while consultant Scott Benfield’s popular blog will continue to be a key presence on the site.>

Over the last year we’ve introduced more videos featuring interviews with industry professionals expressing their thoughts on topics such as current business conditions and best practices. You’ll notice those videos now have greater visibility on the new site.

Our longtime partnership with American Supply Association is spotlighted through specific landing spots for ASA-related news and President Jeff Pope’s monthly columns, as well as a direct link to the new ASA-sponsored PVF Outlook publication that launched last year to rave reviews.

Continuing a print edition initiative we started in late 2012, more new products, literature and software will be featured on the website. These may be products you already stock in your supply house and/or showroom, or they may be of future interest to you.

Of equal importance, the new site is mobile-device friendly on both the Apple and Android platforms. If you’re flipping through the print edition and aren’t near a computer, pull out your smartphone and scan the QR code in the lower right corner of the front cover. You’ll be taken right to the new website.

As you navigate through the new site, you may wonder why we require registration in order to access certain content areas. Registration allows us to gather important market-relevant data on who is visiting the site. When registering, you’ll be asked several questions related to your field of work. That data helps us better present the most pertinent material in our print and digital platforms. The registration process is free and takes less than a minute. Once registered, you’ll have access to all areas on the site.

As with any new endeavor, feedback is critical. What do you think of the new supplyht.com? Do not hesitate to contact me via email at miazgam@bnpmedia.com or give a call at 847/405-4056 with your comments and suggestions. Your opinion matters!

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