Morris Beschloss will be honored with the 2012 Fred V. Keenan Lifetime Achievement Award Thursday, October 18 at NetworkASA 2012 in Orlando.

Morris Beschloss

TheAmerican Supply Associationwill honor industry veteranMorris Beschlosswith the 2012 Fred V. Keenan Lifetime Achievement Award Thursday, October 18 atNetworkASA 2012 in Orlando.  

Award is presented to individuals with a long history of service and dedication to the wholesale industry. Individuals must have shown a strong influence on the status of the industry, project a positive industry image, be responsible for positively affecting the industry and have provided dedicated service to ASA.  

Beschloss was one of the forces behind the creation of ASA groups such as the Industrial Pipe Division and Vendor Member Division. Beschloss continues to serve the wholesale industry by being one of the founders of the PVR Roundtable Quarterly networking dinner. He also continues to work with ASA’s IPD and was the recipient of last year’s IPD’s Award of Excellence.  

Throughout his career, Beschloss was a key member of various boards and the chairman of the PHC Information Bureau and the Valve Manufacturers Association during the 1970s. He also started theBeschloss Perspectivein 1981 and wrote for ASA News and Supply House Times.  

“Morrie’s illustrious industry background is full of great examples of his dedications and service to the industry. Being in his 80s and still active serving the industry through numerous capacities, you can easily overlook the service he provided decades ago,” ASA Executive Vice PresidentMichael Adelizzisaid. “His blogs and theBeschloss Perspectivestill provide regular guidance and clarity to those in the industry. He was an easy choice.”