Offering plumbing and foodservice professionals an integrated, hands-on learning experience.

T&S's Ken Gallagher presenting to a group of attendees.

T&S Brassrecently opened an on-site training facility to allow customers, consultants, sales representatives, distributors, contractors and engineers to experience hands-on education and training. Accommodating both small and large groups, the training center offers fully integrated assistance and a large selection of training and professional development that can be customized to each group’s individual needs.

The 40,000-sq.-ft. training facility, located on the T&S campus in Travelers Rest, S.C., improves the company’s ability to service its customers by offering training on one of the industry’s most extensive product lines and demonstrations of product innovations. The space is highly configurable and suitable for small group break-out sessions, as well as offering theatre style seating and large dual-input screens for presentations and videos.

Modular product tables and display walls give clients hands-on experiences and the chance to compare T&S products with other brand products available in the market and to troubleshoot common issues. The space also has a dedicated office area complete with cubicles where those visiting can plug in laptops, check emails and make phone calls.

Attendees can also participate in a factory tour, going behind the scenes to observe all T&S products being made from casting and forging to polishing and assembly.

“This training center is evidence of T&S’s commitment to leading the industry in service and to equipping those who use and sell T&S products with the knowledge and skills they need to make the best choices for their needs,” saidKen Gallagher, VP of Sales, T&S Brass. “The feedback from those who have participated in a training session has been phenomenal, and we know that this is a real point of differentiation for our company.”

Source: T&S Brass

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