Survey of ASA members reveals key issues.

Following the energy and productivity generated out of ASA’s February Mid-Winter Board Meeting, a government affairs survey was recently issued to ASA members with the goal of developing insight into their greatest concerns.  The ultimate objective is to enable ASA to better position itself in representing the PVF and PHCP industry in Washington. A majority of ASA members identified taxes as their greatest concern, followed closely by healthcare and water. Additionally, an overwhelming majority believe that communicating and building a relationship with our elected officials is good for our industry, and that our battles in Washington cannot be fought alone.  ASA is pleased to join with other businesses and trade associations to advance causes that benefit member companies such as market-based healthcare reform, the authorization of WaterSense or beating back a repeal of LIFO. Going forward, it is critical for ASA’s members to remain engaged and informed regarding our advocacy activities in Washington and how we can enhance our industry. 

A summary of survey results follows:

Please rank your top 10 policy issues in order of importance (1 being the most important).
  1. Taxes

  3. Healthcare

  5.  Water

  7.  Energy

  9. Labor

  10.     Other: Banking, Housing, Trade, Environment, Immigration

    Do you believe that contacting your member of Congress and his or her staff can be an effective form of communication?
    Yes – 80.8%
    No – 19.2%

    Do you believe that contacting your member of Congress regarding issues affecting our industry can help build a solid working relationship?
    Yes – 80.8%
    No – 19.2%

    Do you believe it is important to contribute financially to candidates who are proven to be pro-business and advocates of keeping taxes low and regulations in control?
    Yes – 75.3%
    No – 24.7%

    For more information on ASA’s advocacy efforts and what you can do to promote positive change in Washington, please contact Dan Hilton, ASA Director of Government Affairs, at 703.328.5234 or at