Safety at home is more important than ever.  Preventable injuries and deaths are on the rise in homes and communities across the United States. According to 2009 statistics presented by the National Safety Council (NSC), Americans are 11 times safer at work than they are at home! Of the 146 million workers at risk, there were 4,988 reported on-the-job deaths and 53,200 off-the-job deaths. When you add friends and families into the equation there are a staggering 72,600 deaths that take place in the community from unintentional injuries, as well as over 20 million disabling injuries, affecting 112 million households, costing Americans of $251 billion dollars.  

To really make an impact, people need to be aware of the hazards around them and change their behaviors. Simple steps can make a huge difference. Visit the Safety Resources section ofwww.asa.netand read what you can do at home to ensure the safety of friends, family and yourself.