ASA’s Board of Directors has approved the creation of a new special interest division to serve the needs of its members that operate in the standard plumbing products market. The Plumbing Division joins the other highly-successful special interest divisions:  Industrial Piping Division, Vendor Member Division and Young Executives Division.

ASA’s special interest groups coordinate ASA resources and oversee the creation of programming geared to the specific needs of companies or individuals that compete in these areas.  In addition to general ASA membership, qualified members can choose to participate in any one or a combination of these special interest divisions.

“This is an example of the great thinking done by our Board of Directors,” shares Frank Nisonger, ASA’s president. “Following the model that has made IPD such a vital partner in the businesses of our members who serve the industrial and mechanical pipe, valves and fittings markets, the Plumbing Division will focus on items and issues that are unique to the standard plumbing market and allow for the development of more specialized programs, as driven by the needs of this membership.”

First on the agenda is the establishment of a Plumbing Division Executive Council to provide practical guidance and direction in developing tailored programs for the Division. This standing council will evaluate both industry and non-industry-specific issues pertaining to plumbing operations, identify activities that have particular relevance to the plumbing field, and present specialized programs to the membership. Council members also will represent ASA members in all areas related to plumbing.

For information on how your company can join the ASA Plumbing Division, or if you are interested in serving on the Plumbing Division Executive Council, please contact Mike Adelizzi at 312.464.0090, ext. 201