Three member-owned and governed cooperatives with distributor members serving the plumbing, HVACR and electrical industries - BLUE HAWK, Embassy and IMARK - have formed the United Cooperative Alliance of America. Its mission:to enhance business practices across multiple verticals and help build upon the foundation already in place within BLUE HAWK, Embassy and IMARK. All three organizations are member-owned and governed, with each committed to full disclosure to its members on all financial and directional issues of their respective organizations. Two board members from each organization, along with the president or CEO of each, serve on the new group’s board of advisers.

BLUE HAWK, a cooperative of independent HVACR distributors throughout the U.S., was established in 2005 and has 224 members with 1,000+ branch  locations, supported by 109 supplier partners.

Embassy, a cooperative of independent plumbing & PVF distributors throughout the United States, was established in 1991. It has 67 members with 500+ branch locations, supported by 86 supplier partners. 

IMARK, established in 1996, is a cooperative of independent electrical distributors throughout the United States. It has 1,000+ members with more than 2,000 branch locations and is supported by 98 supplier partners. 

The United Cooperative Alliance of America Web site will be launched in the near future.