Showroom Merchandising Webinar Feedback

I really enjoyed the recentSupply House Times Webinar with Hank Darlington. His presentation was informative, direct, practical and on the mark.  He speaks very clearly from his real world experience, which makes him credible. I recently recommended him to a client and a potential client without hesitation. Since my client was not able to attend the Webinar, I sent him summary notes from the Webinar and it made me look good. Please keep up the good work!

Eric W. Wiedenmann
Market Development Group Inc.
Danville, CA

Something Old, Something New In HVAC

After reading Jim Wheeler’s column (“‘Hey, Wait A Minute’ Technology,” February 2009Supply House Times, page 50), I found a catalog page showing the Hart & Cooley #400 Flomatic Diffuser offered  around 1971. We carried it here for years. It didn’t sell well, but they were probably ahead of their time.  

Jim Grenier
C.B.Davis Co.
Waterville, ME