Paper discusses refrigerant regulations, including the 2010 phase-out of HCFC refrigerants and best ways for industry to stay ahead of ever-increasing legislation.

Emerson Climate Technologies’ latest white paper,Refrigerants for Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning Applications, is intended to inform industry professionals, including HVAC contractors, consulting engineers and manufacturers, of the current state of the transition from HCFC refrigerants to newer, more environmentally friendly HFC refrigerants like R-410A.

The paper addresses increasing regulations affecting refrigerants used in various applications and to help guide the industry through the coming 2010 phase-out of new equipment designed to work with HCFC refrigerants.

By discussing retrofit HFC refrigerants, this updated paper takes a comprehensive look at several HFC refrigerants that have been developed for servicing R-22 air conditioning equipment. It also provides information on refrigerants that are approved by Emerson for use with Copeland compressors in air conditioning applications.

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Source: Emerson Climate Technologies