Distributors and Manufacturers Can Schedule Meetings at their Businesses

Joel Becker of Torrington Supply Co. hosts Rep. Christopher Murphy (D-CT)

With a new Administration and Congress taking office in just over a month, ASA is encouraging its members to contact their Senators and Representatives now and request an in-person visit in February 2009. 

“Now is the ideal time to schedule these visits because the next Congress will not be in-session February 14-22, 2009, which means our elected officials will likely be back in their respective states and districts, looking for opportunities to meet with constituents,” states Don Robertson, chairman of ASA’s Government Affairs Committee.

“When you consider that the next Administration and Congress will enact legislation on such high-priority issues as Card-Check and infrastructure spending as part of an economic stimulus package, it’s very important for both our industry and our individual companies that we all take an active role in educating our elected officials,” continues Robertson.  “ASA members can help them understand how their decisions will impact the nature of our industry as well as our ability to continue to conduct business and sustain employment.”

ASA offers a comprehensive Congressional Visit Program guide to assist members who are interested in holding a visit at their places of business.  Here are some simple steps to begin planning a visit:


Take a few moments to review what’s involved and how to facilitate a Congressional visit. ASA has put together a downloadable brochure to help you get started. Visit the Advocacy section ofwww.asa.netand select Legislative & Political Action from the menu. The Congressional Visit Program link is in the menu on the right-hand side.  


On the website, ASA offers an easy-to-use tool to verify who are your elected officials as well as their contact information. While there, check-out some tips on what to include when writing a letter to an elected official.


A copy of ASA’s Legislative Agenda as well as position papers on the various issues are available on-line. Also, contact ASA if you’d like some folders with copies of the complete agenda to share with your elected officials when they visit.


Remember two things:  1) studies show that employees often look to their employers for their own education and position on various issues, and 2) each of your employees represents a prospective vote. Be sure to involve your employees during the visit, and use the resources that ASA has on-line to help you educate your employees about government as well as about the issues.


When you have a visit definitively scheduled, please let us know so ASA can help support your efforts. Contact Chris Murin atcmurin@asa.netor 312.464.0090 ext. 205.