Shop ‘till you drop - and get some of the best deals on the Web.

Shop ‘till you drop - the motto of most wives.

Before you buy that latest tech toy, check out some of the deal Web sites.

If you are going to buy right now, try these: comparison site) price comparison site) (used to be calledFroogle, it’s Google limited to products)

For a lot of technology, if you have a 30 to 60-day window to buy, it will go on sale somewhere. I’ve seen 500 GB external hard drives as cheap as $75 or as expensive as $200. Looking everywhere takes too much time. There are deal Web sites that work like community shopping groups. Everyone keeps their eyes open and post the deals. Good ones make it to the home page.

My favorite sites are:

They also have non-technology deals (like 31 cent Baskin Robbins ice cream cones).

Not everyone’s idea of a good deal is the same so your mileage may vary. And some of the deals go away fast (I suspect they are mistakes) so if you see something interesting, don’t piddle around.

Send half of all that money you save to me…