When the student clicks on the various “hot spots” (such as the water closet in the Master Bath), another view will appear (“Level 2”), affording the opportunity to see exactly how these fixtures are plumbed, with the benefit of a 3-D perspective.

At the ASA Annual Meeting during Network’08, Inge Calderon, executive director of the ASA Education Foundation, introduced the newest offering available from the ASA Education Foundation, a three-dimensional schematic model of a modern home calledFast Trackthat will become a valuable training tool for distributors and manufacturers alike.

By clicking on the various rooms in the house, students will be able to see the products they handle every day – examining how they’re installed, what they’re used for, and how they work with the other components of the various systems (see images). 

Clicking on the specific elements of an object in “Level 2” will engage a “Level 3” view, which provides an exceptionally clear illustration, identifying its multitude of components, fittings and connections.

Included inFast Trackwill be bathroom and kitchen fixtures, hot water heater (including an optional tankless version), boiler, sump system, and other commonly used residential products. With a nod to the difference in materials customarily used in supply and DWV systems around the country, this schematic will incorporate a multitude of options, offering information about the appropriate fittings and cutting and joining methods for each. Likewise, information on private water well supply and septic systems will be presented as options to the municipal water main supply and sewers.

Additional modules of Fast Track are on the drawing board, and will incorporate commercial and industrial applications.  The residential module is expected to debut in January, 2009. For more information about Fast Track or other programs offered by the ASA Education Foundation, visitwww.asa.netor call 312-464-0090.