Seven industry professionals evaluated more than 1,600 entries for the biannual Kitchen Design Contest by Sub-Zero and Wolf Appliance.

Seven industry professionals evaluated more than 1,600 entries for the biannual Kitchen Design Contest bySub-Zero and Wolf Appliance. The winners were chosen based on superior and unique use of space, beautiful kitchen design and integration of Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances.

The contest also serves to identify kitchen design movements represented throughout the world.

The judges pointed out the following trends:

  • Smaller, high-quality kitchens. Kitchens are being designed with a smaller footprint but are including higher quality appliances, finishes, flooring and other elements to make it a long-lasting space. Consumers are investing in luxury solutions for the long term.b

  • Mixture of materials and textures. The judges noted that different materials - including soapstone, concrete, wood, limestone and glass - are being combined in the kitchen for countertops, floors, cabinets, backsplashes and appliance cabinetry. One judge said she saw increased use of appliances in carbon stainless finishes.

  • Sustainable, second life integration. Designers are starting to integrate antique, vintage or classic pieces to provide a personal element.

  • Light and dark duality. Contrasting light and dark materials such as bright cabinets and bold black flooring, or deep espresso cabinets and glowing marble flooring creates a sophisticated and balanced look and provides a complementary background for accessories.

  • Simple, clean lines. Focus is turning toward the “zen” kitchen with its clean simplicity and attention to detail vs. embellishments and heavy adornments. It ties in with minimalism and consumer interest in a simplified life.

  • Eco-savvy kitchens.

    Environmentally sustainable materials and energy-saving appliances, ranging from bamboo countertops to earth-friendly flooring, are being integrated into kitchens for a “green” home and a fresh look.

The top three winners in the category of “Best Kitchen Utilizing a Full-Size Sub-Zero Built-In or Integrated Unit and Wolf Cooking Instrument” were:

    First Place, Warner McConaughey, Hammersmith, Inc., Atlanta, GA;

    Second Place, Elaine Cecconi, Cecconi Simone, Inc., Toronto, Ontario;

    Third Place, Phyllis Taylor, The Taylor & Taylor Partnership, Miami, FL.

Specialty winners included the following:

    “Best use of Wine Storage in a Unique Location” - Jost Lunstroth, Vineyard Wine Cellars, Addison, TX.

    “Student Category” - Katie Fotheringham, Utah State University.

    “Best Dealer Showroom Using Sub-Zero and Wolf”- Doug Durbin, nuHaus, Highland Park, IL.

    “Best use of Sub-Zero and/or Wolf in an Outdoor Kitchen” - Dee David, Dee David and Co., Falls Church, VA.

    “Best use of Integrated Refrigeration Outside the Kitchen” - Jean Stoffer, Jean Stoffer Design, River Forest, IL.

The international winners were:

  • Jose Eduardo Calma, Lor Calma & Partners, Philippines for Asia Pacific;

  • Bartholt Christiann Luikinga, Idfix-Bcl, Netherlands for Europe;

  • Silvio Korman, Korman Arquitetos, San Paulo, for Brazil.

Phyllis Taylor, The Taylor & Taylor Partnership, Miami, FL, received the Designers’ Choice Award, voted upon by 47,000 trade professionals.