Affiliated Distributors (A-D), one of the largest wholesale buying and marketing groups in North America, has signed an agreement with IDEA, an eCommerce service provider, to move all of its electronic transactions through IDEA’s Industry Data Exchange (IDX). In addition, A-D will encourage its electrical distribution member affiliates to switch their electronic transactions to IDX.

Industry Data Exchange (IDX) enables manufacturers, distributors and service providers to conduct partner-to-partner electronic business on an Internet-based network using EDI, XML, Flat File or Web Form transaction sets. Activant Solutions provides the core network services. IDX also provides direct connections to other similar Internet-based networks.

David Oldfather, vice president of A-D’s Electrical Supply Division, said, “This move will help improve efficiencies and continue to encourage standardization of electronic communication for distributors. We encourage manufacturers and affiliates to follow suit and support this industrywide initiative.”

“The agreement with A-D is a great stride towards overall industry improvement and we are proud to be a part of this,” said Mike Rioux, president, IDEA.