ASA IPD Vice Chairman Pat Adams of MKS Pipe & Valve Co. (left) and IPD Chairman Dennis Niver of McJunkin Red Man Corp. at the IPD Open House.

ASA’s Industrial Piping Division (IPD) showcased the value its PVF-focused programs can bring to members at this year’s Network ’07 event in Anaheim, CA.

Within a large selection of IPD-sponsored activities, the highlight was the new networking event, the IPD Open House. “We recognized that the networking opportunities between PVF wholesalers and manufacturers are the highlight of our IPD members’ convention experience,” says Amy Black, Deputy Executive Director of ASA and IPD liaison. “The IPD Open House was designed as an enhancement of the IPD Reception, expanding that session to maximize the all-important networking time. The manufacturer partners who participated in this event stood apart from their competition and were rewarded with dedicated attention from the IPD wholesalers.”

Those companies who participated as IPD Open House Partners were:

  • American Valve
  • Anvil International
  • Apollo Valves, Div. of Conbraco Ind. Inc.
  • Bonney Forge Corp.
  • Crane Energy Flow Solutions
  • Hackney Ladish Inc.
  • Legend Valve & Fitting Inc.
  • Merit Brass Co.
  • Milwaukee Valve/ Hammond Valve
  • The Phoenix Forge Group
  • Victaulic
  • Ward Manufacturing
  • Welding Outlets Inc.
  • Westbrook Manufacturing
  • Wheatland Tube/ Sharon Tub

    Over 220 individuals from IPD companies attended Network ’07, representing 70% of the IPD membership, showcasing the event’s significance to the PVF industry.