Grinnell Mechanical Services has launchedDesign to Build, a new design service to mechanical contractors in which Grinnell technical experts will work with customers to develop an honest assessment of the project, providing labor and material cost comparisons, as well as a full virtual model of the piping systems - to ensure the solution fits before the material is ordered and identify any potential interference or more efficient pipe routing opportunities.

To speed up the delivery of the projects, GMS will work with a network of best-in-class wholesalers to tag and ship the items directly to the job site. This reduces both handling costs and coordination time, and lets contractors move onto their next project sooner.  For those looking to do the work themselves, GMS can provide customers with a complete CD of Grinnell CAD block drawings, or on-the-phone technical support.

Grinnell has released a full brochure about this offering in the literature section of its Web site,, or call 866-500-4768.