Many, if not most, wholesaler distributors believe that inside sales is the position most directly connected to profitability in the company. That is why the second course in the Essentials profitability series, “Essentials of Profitable Inside Sales” will introduce the concept of the Distributor Sales Specialist-a true sales professional committed to increasing the amount and profitability of inside sales. Written by Jim Olzstynski, Inside Sales is divided into the following twelve chapters: 

  1. The Expanding Role of the Inside Sales Rep    
  2. Customer Service is Defined by the Customer    
  3. How to Handle Problem Customers
  4. What Makes a Sale Profitable?  
  5. How to Increase the Profitability of Your Sales
  6. Pricing Tactics
  7. How to Use Perceived Value and Price Sensitivity to Increase Profits 
  8. Basic Selling Skills
  9. Communication is the Key to Effective Selling
  10. Prospecting For New Customers  
  11. Time Management
  12. How to Become a First-Rate Sales Professional 
The “Essentials of Profitable Inside Sales” Course includes the twelve chapters, quizzes, a final exam and Certificate. In conjunction with our Regional Affiliates, the Education Foundation will be offering full day seminars on “Inside Sales” in several locations in 2007. An Instructor’s CD with PowerPoint presentations, teacher notes and student exercises is being prepared for those who are looking to combine the course into a “train the trainer” program. The table of contents, learning objectives, numerous sample pages and online ordering are now available on the Foundation’s website