The EPA released a draft specification, to be effective July 1, establishing the criteria for high-efficiency bathroom sink faucets that are a third lower than current federal standards as part of its new voluntary WaterSense program.

In addition to all applicable ASME requirements, the flow rate for such faucets should meet the following:

  • The flow rate shall not exceed 1.5 gallons per minute at a pressure of 60 pounds per square inch.


  • The flow rate shall not be less than 1.2 gpm at a pressure of 20 psi.

    The lower pressure level is designed to take into account plumbing systems, such as private water wells, in which water pressure is lower. The limits are for residential bathroom and light commercial buildings. Public lavatory and metering faucets are excluded.

    Products meeting the WaterSense standards will include a WaterSense logo and manufacturers will be able to advertise and market their high-efficiency products.

    All interested parties are encouraged to review the new draft specification. Written comments are due by March 23. E-mail comments to: All comments become a part of the public record.