According to the latest 13 SEER market survey, 77% of 10 SEER inventory has been installed and 97% of this inventory will be used up by the end of the year. These were among the findings of the fifth in a series of 13 SEER market surveys of HVAC contractors and distributors conducted by Emerson Climate Technologies in 2005 and 2006.

Some contractors said they had stocked up on 10 SEER inventory in anticipation of the 13 SEER transition to stay competitive, in response to prior new-construction commitments or because of special needs, according to Karl Zellmer, vice president of air conditioning sales, Emerson Climate Technologies.
Other survey findings include:
  • 48% of contractors are doing more repairs than last year.
  • 57% of contractors surveyed said the driving force for repairs is the lower upfront cost compared to system replacement.
  • Contractors are successfully up-selling to 14+ SEER systems and there is a strong end-user demand for highly featured deluxe products.
  • The reasons for up-selling include better energy costs (25% of contractors surveyed); improved benefits and features (22% of contractors); and building codes or other regulations (4% of contractors).
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