Designed for Entry Level Employees

If you have ever wondered about the best way to prevent mistakes in your warehouse – some of which can be very costly indeed – or how to instill a sense of teamwork among your employees there, wonder no more.

A brand new addition to the popularEssentialsbrand of certificate courses will be introduced next month by the ASA Education Foundation (EF).Essentials of Profitable Warehouse Operations©, authored byRobert Footlik, will be the fourth course in the popular series of comprehensive training programs written exclusively for the wholesale distribution channel. 

The new course consists of a 190-page manual divided into nine chapters, each with a quiz to test knowledge retention, as well as an appendix (see sidebar) and substantial glossary for ongoing reference. Like the otherEssentialsbrand courses, a final exam is also included with the course materials. Those who complete the course will submit their exams to the EF for grading; those who pass receive an attractive Certificate of Completion. The chapters of the book include:

  • Overview of Wholesale Distribution Operations

  • Working Together as a Team

  • How Warehouses Manage Risk

  • How a Warehouse Works

  • Importance of Inventory in a Profitable Operation

  • Warehouse Profitability Begins with Flawless Receiving

  • How Orders are Picked and Packed

  • Loading and Shipping Operations

  • Putting Your New Knowledge to Work

    “We’re excited about this new course because it’s aimed at teaching warehouse employees how critical their role is in the company’s profitability,” said Inge Calderon, the EF’s executive director. “In addition to giving them the nuts-and-bolts of how to do their job effectively, it emphasizes the team approach, and gives readers a ‘just-right’ level of understanding of their role in providing outstanding customer service in a successful business. It’s written by Bob Footlik, who has a long, established reputation for his warehouse expertise in the PHCP/PVF industries.”

    When it’s published next month, Essentials of Profitable Warehouse Operations joins the other titles in the series, including:
    Essentials of Profitable Wholesale Distribution
    Essentials of Profitable Inside Sales
    Essentials of Profitable Showroom Sales

    For more information and to order, visit or call 312-464-0090.