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It’s one thing to hear from a “sales person” why you need a product in your life, what it will do for you and why you should buy it. No matter how trustworthy the source, I think we’re all a little skeptical when we find ourselves in a situation like that. It’s why people ask friends for recommendations or references are checked before a decision is made.  It’s human nature to want reassurance in the choices we make. 

As much as we could use this space to write up how beneficialEssentials of Profitable Warehouse Operationscould be when used to train people in your company, we’re going the peer-to-peer recommendation route. The goal is to provide you real and useful advice from people in the same situation you are. We also can share with you some of the best-practices companies use when training, which will give you a great head-start in beginning your own program.

Erb Co. is a 100-plus year-old distributor distributing a wide range of plumbing, heating and industrial PVF supplies and solutions throughout Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania. 

In late 2009,Gary Bosley, Erb’s vice president of sales and marketing, made the decision to invest in training for the company’s warehouse and operations personnel. He chose to use ASAEF’sEssentials of Profitable Warehouse Operationsprogram. “Since the first of the year, we have utilized this course for training of all warehouse personnel and truck drivers. I have used the book and leadership CD to teach this course each week to about 25 people,” shares Bosley. “I am pleased with the course content and the way it is presented. The warehouse employees are engaged in a way I never imagined. They are asking thoughtful questions and have a much better understanding of our overall business. There is not a class that goes by without a suggestion from a warehouse employee that Erb Co. can implement and make our warehouse a safer and more productive environment.”

One result from using this course surprised Bosley. “This course also truly makes everyone in our warehouse feel part of the team.  They have come to realize how important their jobs are in the distribution chain and are much more cognizant of how their actions impact the success of Erb Co., and ultimately the success of our customers.” 

To discover how the ASA Education Foundation can help you experience similar training success, contactAmy Black, ASAEF executive director, atablack@asa.netorPatrick Osborne, senior director of program development, Both Amy and Patrick can be reached at 312.464.0090.