Presented here is ASA's new corporate brochure

“A new day at ASA has emerged, and our vision is clear. We're building on a proud heritage to fuel a revitalized purpose: improving the productivity and profitability of our supply chain.”
-Inge Calderon

As the national organization serving wholesale distributors and vendors of Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Piping products (PHCP) and Industrial Pipe, Valves and Fittings (PVF), the American Supply Association is your partner in profitability and voice of the industry.

While we've worked to strengthen the channel for more than 35 years, ASA is aggressively on the move to embolden our future in an evolving market. Now, more than ever, look to ASA as your “go-to” resource for:

  • Training and education
  • Standards, tools and technologies
  • Networking opportunities
  • Benchmarking
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Latest industry news


Creates Strong Teams

Only ASA's Education Foundation delivers the kind of high-value, industry-specific training that will help your employees improve their performance and productivity - and in turn improve your profitability. Program development is supported by the Karl E. Neupert Endowment, a $10 million fund created for the express mission of ensuring the future health of the PHCP/PVF wholesale supply chain. The ASA Education Foundation offers a menu of programs tailored for our industry, and serves as your link to vital training opportunities. The Foundation's programs include:

  • ProductPro® Knowledge Courses
  • Essentials brand certificate courses in key areas of the wholesale business
  • Sales and customer service training guides
  • Benchmarking, marketing and management tools
  • Human resource assistance including job descriptions, evaluation tools and more


    Improves efficiency and productivity

    Connect with the latest tools and processes designed to reduce costs in our channel. The ASA Center for Advancing Technology is the only resource working to develop industry standards and help wholesale distributors and manufacturers leverage technologies and best practices to continually improve channel efficiency and profitability. Products include:

    • ASA's Industry Data Base (IDB) is a secure data file of more than 1 million PHCP/PVF products updated regularly by participating manufacturers
    • Catalog Builder® Software allows you to create your own catalogs without manual page-by-page graphic design
    • EDI solutions, including ANSINet/Translink®, and downloadable EDI documents
    • Distribution Software Solutions Guide

    Benchmarking And Best Practices

    Help You Exceed Expectations

    Knowing where you stand - good or bad - allows you to focus on areas needing improvement, and to exploit areas where you excel. Measure your performance vs. the entire PHCP/PVF industry with:

    • ASA's Operating Performance Report (OPR) lets you compare critical financial and operating ratios to industry averages as well as higher-profit competitors
    • ASA's Compensation Report provides a detailed review of compensation plans, including benefits, to help you stay competitive

      Human Resources Management

      Aligning employee performance with business goals requires that employees understand their roles and expectations from day one. That's why ASA has compiled the Employee Performance Improvement Tool Kit. This popular resource can help you develop clear job descriptions, establish successful performance evaluation systems and conduct effective new employee orientations.

      Advocacy/Compliance Assistance

      Keeps You Connected

      Make sure your voice is heard. ASA represents the PHCP/PVF industry in Washington, D.C. and keeps members informed of legislative activity affecting them. Along with the experienced counsel of Kent & O'Connor, Inc., we apply our collective strength to address issues such as product liability reform, OSHA regulation simplification and more. The government affairs program also features:

      • Washington Update our monthly e-letter keeps members up to date on regulatory and legal initiatives
      • 3E MSDS On Demand helps you comply with OSHA (federal and state) regulations and customer demands for Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
      • ASA Political Action Committee (ASA PAC) supports congressional candidates identified as industry allies
      • ASA Capitol Club is an exclusive organization recognizing ASA PAC contributors who have been especially generous with their support

        Building Alliances

        ASA members form a powerful alliance of wholesale distributors, manufacturers, service vendors and independent manufacturer representatives. As the only association of PHCP/PVF wholesalers and manufacturers, ASA provides a unique forum for resolving industry challenges. We also collaborate with the contractor channel and other industry organizations to strengthen the supply chain overall, and combine and co-locate events to give our members the greatest value for their time and budgets.

        Serving Specialized Needs

        ASA Special Interest Groups enable our members to focus specifically on issues and strategies within their areas of special interest. These include:

        Vendor Member Division (VMD)
        For manufacturers, master distributors, manufacturers' representatives, and other product and service vendors. A critical component in the association's mission is the involvement of ASA's Vendor Members. Vendor Members play an active role in supporting ASA's mission to enhance value in our supply channel. Specific programming for VMD member interests is provided throughout the year.

        Industrial Piping Division (IPD)
        Comprised of businesses predominantly involved with the distribution or manufacture of industrial pipe, valves, fittings and allied supplies. The IPD is the only group of its kind, offering educational programming, industry events and networking opportunities for this vital segment of ASA members. Throughout the year, IPD members are kept abreast of information critical to their operations, and participate in programs tailored to their unique interests.

        Young Executives Division (YE)
        Prepares future industry leaders through focused educational programs designed for executives and middle managers. Though it is primarily focused on the emerging leaders within ASA member companies, this Division creates no age barriers, but rather fosters an atmosphere of sharing - information, ideas, and new approaches. YE is dedicated to building tomorrow's market leaders.


        Fuels Profitable Plans

        Developing profit-building strategies requires intelligence about your business environment, your competitors and your customers. ASA offers you unmatched networking and marketing opportunities.

        ASA meetings and events enable you and your senior managers to:

        • Learn and think strategically about critical issues
        • Share insights and knowledge with your colleagues
        • Connect with vendor principals
        • Check out the latest product and service innovations
        • Explore economic and industry trends

        ASA's Annual Convention is held jointly with the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association to create the must-attend “Network” event for all links in the supply chain. Every other year, it's co-located with the ISH North America trade show to connect you with the latest product innovations. Business and educational sessions dedicated to the Vendor Members, Industrial Piping Division and Young Executives Division are offered, making the Annual Convention a high-value event for all members.


        Access And Insights

        ASA marketing resources offer incredible access and insights:

        • ASA's Membership Directory is an invaluable networking resource listing more than 4,000 distributor member locations and more than 200 manufacturer and manufacturers representative offices.
        • HomePortfolio®, an online marketplace for home design products, allows ASA members to promote their showrooms to more than 4 million affluent consumers and designers.
        • Materials Market Digest is a monthly e-letter on supply, demand and price trends of raw materials such as carbon steel, ferrous scrap, stainless, nickel, copper and brass and various resins.

        Check Out ASA Today ...

        To long-time ASA members, new members and future members alike, we invite you to become as actively involved with ASA as you can to help build a vibrant future for our channel, and make the next 35 years even better than the first.

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