Established:Early 1970s

The Industrial Piping Division (IPD) is a special interest group of the American Supply Association (ASA), formed to serve a sector of the industry involved in industrial pipe, valves and fittings. The group consists of wholesale and manufacturing firms within the ASA and offers its members educational programming, industry events, as well as networking opportunities.


Wholesalers, manufacturers, master distributors and independent manufacturer rep firms within the American Supply Association membership, whose business is predominately in industrial pipe, valves, fittings and allied supplies.

The IPD Executive Council has 11 members, two of them serve on the ASA Board of Directors.

Mission Statement

“To identify and address common problems and challenges unique to pipe, valve and fitting distributors and manufacturers.”

Notable Achievements

  • The IPD Commodity Reports, published twice a year, contain current market data compiled by a panel of industrial distribution and manufacturing executives who represent all specific geographic regions of the United States or a particular PVF industry segment.

  • The monthly e-newsletter, “Materials Market Digest,” by Ed Scott Jr., designed to keep members informed of important trends and information in the areas such as carbon steel and stainless, non-ferrous metals and alloys, etc.

  • Comprehensive convention program for the IPD held each year during ASA's Annual Convention.

    Current Priority Projects

    • To develop an agenda of PVF industry-specific sessions for the ASA Annual Convention.

    • To stay on top of marketplace issues that could affect the profitability of PVF wholesalers and manufacturers.

    • To identify and recruit new members for IPD, utilizing enhanced programming and increased influences.

    A Word With…Gary Ittner, IPD chairman

    When asked what's in store for 2006, Gary Ittner said, “The ASA Convention program for IPD members is very much at the forefront of our discussions right now. We usually try to plan our speakers and agenda to be as timely as possible, particularly with the volatile nature of the raw materials market and how it can make or break the year for any of us.

    “Our Council members are also very much involved in creating a new menu of benefits for IPD members going forward. In 2007 we will debut a new networking event during the convention that will serve as the anchor of the IPD value proposition. It's a little soon to provide any more detail at this point, but I am confident that in 2007, IPD will be more valuable to its members than it ever has in its 30+ year history.”

    Current Officers and Directors

    Gary Ittner
    McJunkin Corp.

    Dennis Niver
    Red Man Pipe & Supply Co.

    Pat M. Adams
    Missouri-Kansas Supply Co. Inc.

    Jeffrey Beall
    American Pipe & Supply Co. Inc.

    Robert J. Braig

    Tim Collins
    Pipe-Valves Inc.

    Larry Dildine
    The Phoenix Forge Group

    Guy Mersereau
    Westlund, Division of Hajoca

    Sheldon M. Nierman
    Independent Pipe & Supply Corp.

    Gerald D. Slattery
    Wheatland Tube Co.

    Gary Stratiner
    Puget Sound Pipe & Supply Co.