The concept of The PVF Roundtable evolved from the efforts of Westbrook Manufacturing in 1987 to implement the quality process in its manufacturing operations. After several years of informal meetings, Sidney Westbrook hosted an industry-wide meeting in May of 1990, attended by more than 75 representatives from all phases of the PVF supply chain. Growing interest led to its formal organization and charter as a not-for-profit association in 1992.


Manufacturers, distributors, fabricators, engineering and construction firms and end-users in the pipe, valves and fittings industry.

The board of directors has 25 members, including four manufacturers.

Current Priority Projects

  • To identify PVF materials and manufacturers.

  • To get involved in a project complicated by the consolidation and/or closure of PVF firms.

  • To assist in the entry of new manufacturers into the PVF field.

    Mission Statement

    “The PVF Roundtable is an organization of firms involved in the pipe, valves and fittings industry. The membership is dedicated to the continuing improvement of the quality process in our industry through collective changes resulting from improved communication methods, advances in education, organizational assistance in the standardization process and the implementation of collective efforts towards the solution of identified industry-wide problems throughout the entire PVF supply chain.”

    Notable Achievements

  • The Common Industry Materials Identification System (CIMIS) project, which standardized the description of the most commonly used PVF items.

  • Standardization of PVF Mill Test Reports.

  • Industry education on the importance of Positive Material Identification (PMI) prior to installation in critical piping installations, as well as ensuring that used or surplus material is identified and prevented from entering the supply chain as new.

    A Word With…Sidney Westbrook, president-emeritus of The PVF Roundtable

    When asked what's in store for 2006, Sidney Westbrook said, “This coming year presents significant challenges for all of the PVF industry, challenges that must be met to ensure that PVF firms can continue to design, manufacture, fabricate, distribute and supply those items needed by our industry. The PVF Roundtable intends to be a major force in this effort. Our directors will be working to revitalize our East and West Coast chapters, addressing issues that are of importance to these geographical areas.

    “Certainly, employee education and training will be two of the major objectives for all of our member firms, as they expand their personnel. We intend to ensure that The PVF Roundtable coordinates its activities in this endeavor with other industry groups, such as the IPD sub-group of ASA, to minimize errors and maximize productivity.”

    Plans also include the organization's present Task Group efforts to complete a catalog of PVF items by manufacturer.

    Current Staff, Officers and Directors

    Ron Merrick
    Fluor Corp.

    Tom Pettit
    Piping & Equipment, Inc.

    Sidney Westbrook
    Westbrook Manufacturing

    Tom Cameron
    The PVF Roundtable Office

    Jim Owsley

    Jim Pease
    Bonney Forge/WFI International

    Dick Dalton
    IFC, Inc.

    John Hunter
    Penn Machine of Texas

    Owen Doss
    Warren Alloy Valve & Fitting

    Guy Compton
    McJunkin Corp.

    Wayne Windham
    Red Man Pipe and Supply

    Sheryl Ryan Michalak
    Welding Outlets, Inc.

    Ken Frigo
    National Oilwell

    Ken Berger
    Mills Iron Works

    Rick Elliott

    Morris Beschloss
    Beschloss & Associates