Established: 1992

Nexstar Inc., formerly Contractors 2000, was founded in November 1992 by 16 contractors who wanted to raise the bar. Nexstar helps fellow contractors with all the business aspects of running a professional service and repair company.

Nexstar prides itself on its membership satisfaction and retention rates through the delivery of quality products and services for virtually every aspect of running a service business. We have training for every role in a service and replacement business, done in a fully integrated, consistent and easy-to-implement manner.


Nexstar members are independent service providers engaged in the trades of electrical, heating, cooling and plumbing.

Today Nexstar has 400 member locations, predominantly in North America, that in aggregate, represent approximately $1 billion in service revenues. Nexstar limits the number of members it has in any given market area based upon population and minimum standards.

Nexstar Inc. is member-owned and member-governed with a nine-person board of directors. All profits of the organization are reinvested back into future development projects and other member support services. No one profits from our members.

Mission Statement

To guide and develop independent service providers to be the best…in customer service, company profitability and employee satisfaction. Our emphasis is on guide, not dictate, and we are committed to the independent who wishes to remain independent.

Notable Achievements

  • Being the first of our kind in the industry. We are the one membership for those who wish to be the one-stop single source service provider to their customers.

  • Our straight-talking, no bull, easy-to-use business methodologies. Plus, we use the latest in adult-learning technologies.

  • Our Member Focus. M1: Members First is our staff motto.

  • Our Nexstar® systems: Call Taking, Dispatch, Service System, Service Partner Plan, Sales System, Service Management, Sales Management, Executive Leadership, Marketing and so much more.

    Current Priority Projects

  • Improving our member focus. Every year to us is the year of the member.

  • Developing our next generation Nexstar Marketing System.

  • Several other strategic initiatives that are currently trade secrets.

    A Word With…Greg Niemi, President/CEO of Nexstar

    When asked what's in store for 2007, Greg Niemi said, “Life is good at Nexstar. Our customers are the happiest they have ever been. Our retention rate is at record lifetime heights. Our products are all new. Our company is strong. And, we have assembled the best ever support staff.

    We receive unsolicited testimonials daily from our members. By following our proven business systems, our members are more successful and are happier than the average service company. We know this because we track our members' customer satisfaction rates, company profitability and employee satisfaction on an annual basis.

    We are committed to helping the independent thrive, not survive, in today's ever-changing world. The future remains very bright for the independent contractor. We have a number of initiatives for 2007; however, they are strategic trade secrets I cannot disclose at this time.

    For more information on Nexstar, please visit our Web site, or call toll-free 888-609-5490, and ask for Lisa or Rich."

    Current Officers and Staff

    Greg Niemi

    Marla Coffin

    Bill Raymond
    Frank & Lindy PHCE Service Co.

    Julie Wieman
    MacGregor PHC Inc.

    Arnie Shaw
    Centennial PHCE

    Scott Nelson
    Laney's Inc.