Delta Faucet Co. presented its H2Okinetic Technology™ at the 2005 International Builders' Show. It was first introduced last year in the Vesi™ Custom Shower System from Brizo™. The technology manages the water droplet size and velocity, spray coverage and thermal dynamics to create a warmer, more luxurious shower experience, according to Delta. The company partnered with Bowles Fluidics Corp. to create the technology. Its water-conserving properties deliver 1.6 gallons of water per minute (gpm) that actually feel like 2.5 gpm.

The technology provides larger droplets that supply more water coverage to create a drenching sensation, as well as maintain a more uniform temperature as they travel away from the showerhead. Also, the droplets are delivered at a higher velocity for relaxation and a massaging experience. The dense spray pattern offers more complete water coverage.

The technology will be integrated into other Brizo products in 2005, as well as in the company's 1800 Jetted Shower series, 1900 Michael Graves Collection™ series, Victorian™ Collection, and Lockwood™ Collection.