Affiliated Distributors presented awards for “Greatest Overall Growth” to A.P. Supply Co. (Texarkana, Ark.) and Houston-based Piping and Equipment at its annual PVF Division Spring Network Meeting in Dallas, held in March. The award recognizes affiliates for their growth based on remittances with ongoing A-D suppliers in 2004. Pictured at right: (L-R) Gary Jackson, vice president/PVF Division, Affiliated Distributors, with Andy LeGrand, secretary/treasurer and Don LeGrand, vice president of A.P. Supply.

Pictured right: (L-R) Gary Cartright, president of Piping & Equipment, with Gary Jackson of A-D. Also, B.M. Kramer & Co. (Pittsburgh) and Mayer Malbin Co. (Long Island City, N.Y.) received awards for “Highest Overall Participation” based on remittance volume as a percent of total company purchases in 2004. More than 85 Affiliate members attended the meeting. For more information about Affiliated Distributors, visit