Sanitary for All Ltd. has changed its name to SFA Saniflo Inc. and will operate in North America under the trade name Saniflo. Also, the company is relocating to a larger office and warehouse facilities at 1-685 Speedvale Ave. West in Guelph, Ontario, about 45 minutes west of Toronto. The company will continue to operate its U.S. distribution center in Niagara Falls, N.Y. Saniflo's expansion plans for 2004 and beyond include 50% growth in unit shipments within the United States, according to Johan Bouwer, president, SFA Saniflo. The company expects to open a U.S. sales office and distribution center in the Northeast region of the United States this year. Saniflo offers macerating toilet systems for residential and commercial applications where it is impossible or cost-prohibitive to install a conventional water closet. A self-contained macerator/pump has a rotating cutting blade that liquefies human waste and toilet paper. Mixed with flush water, the fine slurry is removed from the system under pressure through a copper or plastic discharge line as small as 3/4-inch to a soil stack or a septic tank. A macerating system can be installed on top of any finished floor without the need for excavation to install a drain line. The fixtures work up to 12 feet below and 150 feet away from a sewer line.