Celesta Hosts Media Tour

George W. Rohde, president/CEO of Basco (left), and Paul G. Williams, vice president of sales and marketing, recently shared information about Celesta luxury frameless glass shower enclosures with editors. The event took place in a showroom operated by Michael Wagner & Sons in Wheeling, Ill.

The Celesta brand name, derivative of the word celestial, is meant to imply a heavenly experience, Williams explained.

In developing the product, Basco held focus groups with wholesalers, contractors, glass dealers and manufacturers reps.

Michael Wagner & Sons expanded its showroom to show Celesta shower enclosures this year, according to Bill Wagner, vice president. The wholesaler has partnered with a glass company to do the installations.

“We expect to do close to $200,000 this year in shower doors,” Wagner said. “We feel we can grow this category by $50,000 to $100,000 over the next several years. Instead of selling a $200 product, now we are selling something for $2,000 and making an equal percentage on it.”

In addition to clear glass, the shower enclosures are available in a dot pattern symmetry and a rain pattern, Rohde said. The accompanying hinges, pulls and towel bars are offered in 13 different finishes including brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, burnished copper, platinum and wrought iron.