Sloan Valve Co. is entering the manual faucet business with the launch of its new Polaris™ manual faucet line. “As the marketplace evolved over the past few years, the need for a consolidated, single-source of supply for many building projects became evident,” Charles S. Allen, president, said in a statement. Sloan has entered the manual faucet business in partnership with T&S Brass and Bronze Works. Sloan first established itself as the manufacturer of the Royal® manual Flushometer in 1906.

Among the company’s product offerings is its Optima® line of touchless, sensor-operated faucets that blend contemporary styling with state-of-the-art engineering. Optima faucets use advanced infrared sensing for ADA-compliant operation and to decrease the risk of bacterial transfer from plumbing fixtures. They are engineered with water-resistant circuit control modules, serviceable filtered solenoid valves, audible-tone low-battery indicator or low-battery LED indicator light and chrome-plated brass and mixing valves.

Sloan’s line of plumbing products includes solid-surface lavatory systems, soap dispensers, hand dryers, scrub sinks and pressure-assist flushing with its FLUSHMATE® product. For more information, visit