Sloan Valve Co. has entered into a “cooperation agreement” with Falcon Waterfree Technologies in which Sloan will market and sell touch-free, zero-water consumption urinals based on Falcon technology.

Falcon will manufacture and supply Sloan with both vitreous china fixtures and the replacement cartridges installed in the bottom of the urinal that include a proprietary sealant that isolates urine and odor from the restroom environment.

Each urinal based on its technology saves about 40,000 gallons of fresh water per unit per year and resulting sewer charges, according to Falcon Waterfree Technologies. The cartridges used in the urinals last for about 7,000 uses and are typically changed three to four times per year.

These urinals by Falcon have been installed at the Rose Bowl, Pro Player Stadium, University of North Carolina, Disneyland and Disney World, Heathrow airport and Phoenix airport.