The Read Center for Distribution Research and Education at Texas A&M University is offering an Industrial Sales Seminar that focuses on selling solutions rather than product in Dallas during July and August.

The seminar, designed for industrial distributors, manufacturers, and salespersons is technique and results-oriented. Participants learn what to do and how to interact with customers and prospective customers. The seminar helps participants learn selling from the standpoint of being a solution provider.

The Industrial Sales Seminar consists of two individual 11¿day modules approximately 30 days apart. Each module is held on a Friday and Saturday. This format gives the participant the chance to develop and implement the techniques between sessions.

The Dallas location offers Module One on July 11-12, 2003 and Module Two on August 8-9, 2003. For more detailed information or to register, go to and click on the Seminars menu on the left side of the page.