These industry leaders have chosen the IDB for their product data needs, and so can you!

F.W.Webb, Torrington Supply, Winnelson -- these highly-recognized names in our industry have done their research and chosen ASA's Industry Database -- the IDB -- to supply them with timely and accurate product data, catalogs, and marketing content.

The IDB combines the product information from hundreds of PHCP manufacturers (featuring more than one million products!) and makes it all available in one format and from one resource.

  • Are you looking for on-time price updates?
  • Do you need UPC codes or product descriptions?
  • How about enhancing your website with marketing content?

IDB has all of this and more! Plus, you get the industry's most popular e-catalog, Source ASA, as part of your subscription. Use it for your inside sales team -- or, we can link a private-label version to your website for your customers to use. No matter what your need regarding product information, you need to look into ASA's IDB industry database.

You can participate in a 45-minute web seminar and get all the facts. Just register online at or contact the ASA Center for Advancing Technology at 800-608-7308,